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Games & Democracy

14.04.2015 /

Mit Einführung in die Vorlesungsreihe von Prof. Dorothea Wenzel, HAW Hamburg, und der Arbeitsgruppe Games des RCMC, Universität Hamburg. Hauptredner ist Dr. Thomas Rawlings, Design & Production Director von Auroch Digital. Außerdem arbeitet er als Games-Berater für verschiedene Organisationen, beispielsweise für Wellcome Trust.


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Clip 04: Dr. Tomas Rawlings: Games and Democracy / 44:35 min

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What can “EVE Online” teach us about the American Revolution?

How can “Deus Ex” illustrate the challenges of unchecked technological development?

In which way can “Democracy 3” let us explore the complexity of the Greek debt-crisis?

Can “Game of Thrones” put a face on the threat of climate change?

Are games just trivial entertainment? Or are they a primary medium for teaching a new generation about the world around them? Dr. Tomas Rawlings applies these questions to the history, the emotions and mechanics of democracy.

He effortlessly demonstrates how the interactivity of games can give the player a deeper understanding of how democracy works, not only in an emotional way, but also closer to the mechanics of power and society than traditional media.

He reflects on a few major challenges facing democracy today and discusses different ways in which the gaming-culture can be a part of resolving these issues.

(Students from the international Programme Summer 2015)

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